Access and support critical technology in the field and on the floor while protecting networks from cyberattacks.

The Challenge

Providing secure, reliable remote support to Manufacturing and Utilities organizations is essential for ensuring production runs smoothly on the factory floor or with an industrial control system (ICS). IT professionals and service providers must be able to access these systems remotely without exposing the networks to cyberattacks. They must be able to support workers and devices in the field, while meeting strict security and compliance regulations.

Vulnerabilities within the industry jeopardize the overall production flow and industrial control systems and with the value of production, organizations can’t afford down time. Areas with large gaps for cyberattacks as described by CIO, include the use of unauthenticated protocols, outdated hardware, vulnerable operating systems, and undocumented third-party relationships. “Outdated hardware problems stem from gear that was never intended to be on high-volume, internet-connected networks and now is kept online for years during which the network they connect to is upgraded.” With heavy “reliance on third parties for software used in industrial control systems can leave the systems vulnerable to attack.”

Bomgar in Action

Stribling Equipment experienced trouble establishing connections with remote devices in the field, primarily when the technician was off network. As a lead provider in construction and forest products, it was essential to establish remote connections to ensure quick troubleshooting. Through implementing Bomgar solutions, Stribling Equipment is now able to have fast access to software files for equipment through Bomgar’s file transfer feature. As well as incorporate remote camera sharing via Bomgar InSight, which helps walk users through troubleshooting steps and better understand the user’s issues

Our Solution

Bomgar enables manufacturing and utilities organizations to mitigate issues and fix problems securely without disrupting production or critical operational processes. Bomgar’s Secure Access solutions enable security and support professionals within manufacturing and utilities to access remote systems, industrial control systems, and workers in the field without compromising security.

With our solutions, users can reduce vulnerabilities within their organization through connecting securely to any remote system, or device to support manufacturing and industrial control systems and field workers. Enable technicians to secure and control privileged insider and third-party access to critical systems and equipment without slowing down processes.

For more details about Bomgar Secure Access for Manufacturing and Utilities, download this free whitepaper. Learn more about Bomgar can help your organization manage operational technology and reach out to us today.