blog-a-fresh-look-at-beyondtrust-2 In 2009, Symark International, a Unix privilege management provider founded in 1985, acquired BeyondTrust, a small developer of Windows privilege solutions. Often in these situations, the acquired company takes the buyer’s name, which clearly wasn’t the case here. Like many great companies, Symark was named after its founders – but the name “BeyondTrust” actually meant something to our customers. Going beyond trust is a necessary mindset in cyber security, so it’s no wonder the name stuck. Today marks another milestone in our brand evolution. While our name is more relevant than ever, it’s time to unveil a new look, a new tagline, and a new website to reflect who we are today. Unless this is your first time here, it’s probably evident that we’ve changed more than our colors. For instance, our new logo blends a monogram that conveys strength and security with a typeface that signals our humanity. In fact, the high caliber of our employees and the service they provide repeatedly came up in the customer interviews that kicked off this update, and it was critical to reflect this in our brand. Our new tagline is “Visibility. Knowledge. Action.” This is what we deliver to our customers. It’s no secret that threats are evolving and IT environments are getting more complex, so gaining visibility into risk is a massive challenge. But it’s not about getting more security data; it’s about getting the right kind of data to help you focus on what’s most urgent. That’s why we unified our privilege and vulnerability management solutions under a common platform that delivers unmatched visibility across internal and external risk. With visibility comes knowledge. With knowledge comes action. Since we were founded 30 years ago, our organization has built solutions that give IT and security professionals the control required to take action against threats. Most customers first come to us looking to solve an initial challenge, whether they need to rein in privileged account access, remove admin rights, identify critical system exposures, or satisfy auditing requirements. Each of our solutions is designed with deep, granular capabilities to address these acute pains. At the same time, our platform enables our solutions to work together – along with partner solutions – to pinpoint advanced persistent threats and other complex challenges that necessitate a broader level of visibility. Start with best-of-breed cyber security solutions, build them to interoperate, ensure they fit well in customer environments, and provide single-pane visibility and control. Visibility. Knowledge. Action. That’s BeyondTrust.