Yes this is a play on Database Activity Monitoring and yes I am writing this blog late at night so a few puns are intended but the seriousness of the message should not be glossed over. Database log reading technology has revolutionized data auditing by providing a level of visibility into the changes to data assets that is unmatched by other auditing techniques. Having granular visibility to every database transaction could save you costly damage or regulatory compliance failure. -The questions you should ask yourself to determine if your organization may be ready for a DAM solution are: -Are you dealing with mandates from auditors for database auditing? -Are you dealing with security policy assessment over your data control? -Did you know that SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS require monitoring be in place over your databases and security policies? -Have you ever experienced any complications with the rudimentary database monitoring native to your databases? -Do you have a good understanding of how your database assets are accessed and by whom? -Do you have the ability to access the impact of changes to business and security objectives by providing a data record level audit report? Understanding that the misuse of privilege can come in many forms is also a key to recognizing that DAM is critical to implementing a complete least privilege environment.