We are pleased to announce the release of Bomgar 10.5, our first major release of 2010. This release introduces some major new enhancements to Bomgar Button, several new features for BlackBerry devices, Application Sharing for remote Mac systems and more.

The highlights of this release are listed below. To learn more and to request your upgrade, visit the Bomgar Support portal.

Requirements for 10.5:

New Features and Enhancements:

[UPDATED June 18, 2010 - the Issues Resolved and Known Issues sections below have been completed]

Issues Resolved

With thanks to our Early Adopters, the following features and resolved issues have also been included in this release. In addition, all of the recent features, enhancements, and issues resolved in our 10.4.9 release are included in Bomgar 10.5.1.

Known Issues

[UPDATED June 25, 2010 - two Known Issues listed below have been updated as denoted by *UPDATED*]

The following known issues are currently being addressed and should be resolved in an upcoming maintenance release. Our support team is available to discuss any questions you may have regarding these issues.