Choose Connection Options

Here are the step-by-step instructions that describe how to update the customer-facing support portal connection options.

  1. From the /login administrative interface, go to Public Portals > Public Sites.

Public Portals > Public Sites

Public Sites - Enterprise

  1. You can create multiple public sites.
    1. To add a site, click the Add New Site button. To edit an existing site, click Edit.



    Public Sites - Edit

    1. You must specify a name for a new site, as well as any DNS or IP addresses that your customers will use to access this specific site.
    2. Additionally, select the default Support Button profile to use with this site, the HTML template to use, and whether this site should display customer notices or not.



  1. Choose which session start options you want available: a list of available representatives, a list of active presentations, a field for submitting one-time session keys, and a form to submit issue descriptions. Enable the options you want available and disable the others. In this example, only the issue submission survey, item A, is enabled.
  2. The issue submission survey, item B, can display either a list of issues or a list of available representatives. In this example, the issue list is enabled, and issues are displayed for all configured teams. You can manage which issues will display on the selected public site. You can also create up to 30 custom fields to display in the issue form. To learn more, please see
  3. Modify the help text, item C, to make the instructions specific to your support site and customer base.
  4. If you select Start Session Using Click-To-Chat, item D, for any of the enabled options, sessions started using that method will begin with browser-based chat, not requiring customers to download or install the full BeyondTrust customer client. If it becomes apparent that the full support tools are needed, such as controlling the customer's system through screen sharing, the representative can always prompt the customer to download the full customer client.

Customized Support Portal

  1. The customized customer support portal is depicted to the right. An example of the help text is depicted below.


Help Text