Troubleshoot BeyondTrust Representative Console Connections

  1. Make sure you are logged into the representative console.
  2. If you have selected to use the representative list, make sure that your display name is visible on your public site. You can change this status from the Support menu or the system tray icon by selecting or deselecting Showing on Representative List.
  3. Try following the initial steps of starting a BeyondTrust session on your own computer. Are you able to download the customer client?
  4. Verify that the remote customer has internet connectivity. Is your customer able to get to your public site?
  5. Lead your customer through the same steps you took when testing the customer client download in step 3 of this troubleshooter. Is your customer able to download the customer client?
  6. If the download does not initiate when your customer clicks on your name, enters a session key, or enters a support request, have the customer hold down the Ctrl key and press F5. This should clear the browser cache, ensuring that the customer is not attempting to download an expired version of the customer client.
  7. If clearing the browser cache does not work and your customer is not prompted to save or run a file, the firewall your customer is behind may be blocking the download. Whitelisting the customer client executable in the firewall may be required.

For more information, please see Ports and Firewalls in the Getting Started Guide.

  1. Have your remote customer uninstall the BeyondTrust client, reboot their computer, and then run the executable file again.
  2. Make sure your remote customer has disabled any software firewalls that might be blocking outbound connections. Some examples of these include McAfee Security, Norton Security, and Zone Alarm. These firewalls will occasionally block outbound connections even after being disabled and may need to be uninstalled.
  3. Alternately, your customer may have been prompted to allow or disallow/block the customer client when they ran the downloaded client. If the customer clicked Disallow/Block, have them open the internet security software on their computer and change the entry for bomgar-scc.exe to Allow/Permit. Have your customer go through the download process again but click Save rather than Run. Then have them run the executable again and click Allow/Permit. If the session still does not connect, have the customer run the saved executable again - they should not be prompted the second time, and the session should connect.
  4. Check if your customer is behind a proxy server. Ensure that your customer has correctly entered their credentials to permit the customer client to connect to you.
  5. If following these steps fails to make a connection, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support at