Use Jump Clients to Access Unattended Android Devices

Beginning BeyondTrust 16.1, a persistent connection can be established with an Android device by pinning a Jump Client to the device. This provides the ability to have unattended support sessions with Android devices. You can deploy Jump Clients using either of the methods below.

Bandwidth usage and battery life are minimally affected by establishing a persistent connection.

Persistent connections to an unattended Android device can occur only when the devices have both the BeyondTrust Support Client App 2.2.7 and BeyondTrust Jump Client App 2.2.0 installed from the Google Play Store. To learn more, please see Download the BeyondTrust Support Client and BeyondTrust Jump Client Apps.

Pin a Jump Client from the Representative Console

Pin Jump Client icon

  1. While in a support session with the Android device, click on the Pin a Jump Client icon.

    Persisten Android Jump Client

  3. After pinning, click the Refresh option located above the Jump Items list, and the Android device will appear as a Jump Item in the Jump Item list. If the Pin a Jump Client icon is gray, the Android Jump Client has not been installed on the Android device.
  4. Meanwhile, the BeyondTrust Jump Client app on the device should show the client as pinned with a date and timestamp.

Options are available for the Jump Client to be disabled if the device is relying on battery power or on data to connect.

Persistent Pinned Android Session


Email a Link from the /login Interface

Jump > Jump Clients

Jump Client Mass Deploy Wizard


  1. From the /login interface, navigate to Jump > Jump Clients > Jump Client Mass Deployment Wizard.
  2. Complete the information needed for your Jump Client, such as Jump Group, Public Portal, etc.
  3. Click Create.

    Jump Client Mass Deploy for Android

  5. From the Download or Install the Client Now section, choose Android as your platform.
  6. Verify that the BeyondTrust Jump Client app is installed on the Android device. If not, navigate to the Google Play App store to download the app.
  7. To download the Jump Client to the device, open a browser on the Android device and go to the URL provided by the mass deployment wizard.

You can also email the URL to the Android device by clicking on the Email link located in the Deploy to Email Recipients section.