My Account: Change Email and User Settings, and Enable Extended Availability Mode


Change Your Email Settings

Email Address

Set the email address to where email notifications are sent, such as password resets or extended availability mode alerts.

Preferred Email Language

If more than one language is enabled on this site, set the language in which to send emails.


Enter the password for your /login account, not your email password.

Change Your Display Names

Private Display Name

Your name as displayed in all internal communications between representatives, on chat transcript reports, team activity reports, and so forth.

Public Display Name

Your name as displayed to customers.

By default, these two fields are in sync, so anything you type in the Private Display Name field is copied automatically to the Public Display Name field. To change your public display name, type in the name you want your customers to see. To put the fields back in sync, simply make them identical again.

Change Your Photo

Change or delete the photo that is associated with your account. This photo is displayed in the customer client chat window and in the /login administrative interface. The image used must be in .png or .jpeg format, no more than 1 MiB in size, and with a minimum 80x80 pixel size. Click Choose File to select an image. Once the selected file name is displayed, click Upload to use it, or Cancel, if you do not wish to keep the image you just selected. If the image selected has the correct dimensions, a message displays indicating the upload was successful.

Extended Availability Mode

Enable or Disable

Enable or disable Extended Availability Mode by clicking the Enable/Disable button. Extended Availability Mode allows you to receive email invitations from other users requesting to share a session when you are not logged into the console.

For more information, please see Use Extended Availability to Stay Accessible When Not Logged In.

For more information, please see Customer Client: Support Session Interface.