Use Extended Availability to Stay Accessible when Not Logged In

Enable Extended Availability from Support Menu

With extended availability, privileged users can receive email invitations to share sessions, even if they are not logged into the console. When sending an invitation, you may invite fellow team members. If permitted, you may also invite users from teams to which you do not belong. The ability to share sessions with users outside of your teams as well as to receive session invitations when logged out of the console extends your availability as a support representative.

If your account is configured for extended availability, you can enable or disable the functionality from the Support menu of the representative console.


Extended Availability Alert Dialog

If you have extended availability enabled, you see a notification when you log into the console. From this dialog, you can easily disable extended availability to avoid distraction while in a session, for example.


If you choose to keep extended availability enabled, a license slot is reserved for you until such time as extended availability is disabled. This ensures that if you are invited to join a session, you are not denied login due to license usage restrictions


Email Notification & Invitation

Extended Availability Email Notification

Each time you enable extended availability mode, the B Series Appliance notifies you via the email address configured for your user account, in the language you have specified, if available.

BeyondTrust does not pull email addresses from external LDAP directory stores. The email address must be configured in BeyondTrust in one of two ways:
  1. An administrator can add an email address to a user account by going to /login > Users & Security > Users and editing the account.
  2. The user can set their own email address by going to the /login > My Account page.

The notification includes the URL of the site as well as a link to quickly disable extended availability mode.


Extended Availability - Support Session Email Invitation

The B Series Appliance also sends an email notification when you are invited to a session. This allows you to join a session even if you are not currently logged into the console. The email notification includes links to accept or decline the invitation, as well as to decline the invitation while disabling extended availability mode.