Customer Notices: Create Messages for the Customer Notification System

Public Portals

Customer Notices

Customer Notices

Notify customers, as they are requesting support, of broadly impacting IT outages to avoid flooding your BeyondTrust representatives. These messages can be set to expire at a pre-determined time and applied to one or more public portals.

Once created, customer notices are displayed on the public portal and in Support Button start windows, so that customers get the information they need before even attempting to initiate a session. Notices also appear in the customer client chat window at the beginning of a session and/or when sent from the /login interface.

Administrators and authorized representatives can create up to 10 messages per portal, with each message allowed up to 1,020 characters.

Although messages are not configurable per language, you can create different messages for the languages supported on the same portal.

Administrators can create and edit customer notices and also can grant this right to representatives without administrative privileges.

Add New Customer Notice, Edit, Delete

Create a new notice, modify an existing notice, or remove an existing notice.


Push a customer notice to all holding sessions.

Add or Edit Customer Notice


Create a unique name to help identify this notice. This name is not displayed to the customer.

Notice Text

Create the text to display in the customer client, on the public portal, and in Support Buttons. You can use macros, as well as BBCode to do some low level formatting, such as adding bold, colors, or hyperlinks. Click on Macros or BBCode to display a list of codes and their resulting applications.

Messages should be relatively short so they can be viewed without much scrolling in the customer client windows. This applies to both the native client and click-to-chat modes.

Expires On

Enter a date for the notice expiration. If you select Never Expires the notice will remain on your site until it is manually deleted. Expired notices are automatically deleted 24 hours after their expiration date.

Public Sites

If you have more than one public site, select which ones will display the notice. You can select multiple portals.

For more information, please see Show Notices and Business Hours on the Public Portal.