Remote Support 23.3.5 Release Notes

June 6, 2024


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for Physical BeyondTrust Appliances, Virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • Requires software Base 7.0.0. or 7.1.0.
  • Requires Integration Client 1.7.3.
  • Requires ECM 1.6.0.
For a list of supported platforms for the latest version of Remote Support, see the Supported Platforms.

Supported Platforms for previous versions of Remote Support can be found in the Remote Support Documentation Archive.

New Features and Enhancements

This is a maintenance release. There are no new features.

Issues Resolved

Log in to your customer account and click the knowledge base link for more information.

  • Jump Clients might give error message, Could not locate existing support session, after prompting to join an existing session. KB0021146
  • Platform ID incorrect in some cases when using a pinned client. KB0021150
  • Unable to start ad-hoc session from an installed Jump Client after an ad-hoc client installed, session is elevated, session is closed, and host is rebooted. KB0021162
  • Multiple issues with the MS Teams integration. KB0021151
  • Jump Client Installer List appears to show Incorrect Override selection. KB0021153
  • Automatic Customer Client download can be blocked by Content-Security-Policy in some Atlas Cluster installations. KB0021156

Known Issues

  • Partially resolved an issue where using any of the drawing tools in the Annotations menu does not work for Windows customers. Drawing tools are now working, but may stop working if the quality settings are changed or the window moved.


  • This release is certified for GA.
  • Supports upgrades from 22.2.2 RS+.
  • Supports ECM Protocol 1.6.
  • Includes VSC