Remote Support 23.3.1 Release Notes

October 3, 2023


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for Physical BeyondTrust Appliances, Virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • Requires software Base 7.0.0.
  • Requires Integration Client 1.7.3.
  • Requires ECM 1.6.0.
For a list of supported platforms for the latest version of Remote Support, please see the Supported Platforms Guide.

Supported Platforms Guides for previous versions of Remote Support can be found in the Remote Support Documentation Archive.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Silent Mode support for Jump Clients has been added.
  • A ServiceNow Virtual Chatbot integration for Microsoft Teams has been added.
  • A new Status field is available in the desktop console Jump Item list to indicate Jump Items in use.
  • FIDO2 Admin Control Enhancements:
    • Admins can now see their users’ Passwordless Authenticators.
    • Admins can now remove users’ Passwordless Authenticators.
    • Added “Last Passwordless Authentication Date” column to the User and Vendor list pages.
    • Added “Last Passwordless Authentication Date” to the User Account Report.
  • An Amazon Translation Integration has been added,
  • SSH Certificate Authority accounts are now available in Vault.
  • An App Switcher has been added to allow for switching between BeyondTrust cloud products which have been connected to Identity Security Insights.
  • Windows 11 on ARM support in emulation.
  • Simultaneous Access for Jump Clients.
  • Added the ability to search User activity in the Teams Activity report.
  • Now allowing admins to set issue submission fields as required on the Public Portal.
  • Improved error reporting for installing Linux Jumpoints and Headless Jump Clients. Now listing any libraries that are missing to complete the install.
  • Generic Jump Client installers can now be downloaded from /login.
  • Now able to assign Group Policies to users from the User Edit page.
  • The GET /vault/account API has been updated to include Windows Local and Domain accounts with useful attributes.
  • Username has been added to the get_logged_in_reps Command API.
  • New Adhoc Customer Client for Windows and Mac.
  • Passwordless FIDO2 Authentication for Mac and Linux is now supported.
  • File Transfer only Shell Jumps now support MFA authentication.
  • FIDO2 information added to the /user/ API configuration.
  • Now displaying more certificate information in the current Security Provider’s certificate.
  • iOS device overlays have been updated. iPhone 14 is now the default overlay.

Issues Resolved:

Administrative Interface

  • Fixed an issue with viewing Session Recording or Chat Transcripts not honoring the preferred language set in /login when opening the link from another website.
  • Fixed an issue with DELETE /vault/account-group/<id>/jump-item-association/shared-jump-group when Jump Items were in the Jump Group.
  • Updated GET /Jumpoint/<id>/installer API to return a better error message for already installed Jumpoints and maxed Jumpoint clusters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Title column not being resizable on the Discovery Results page.
  • Fixed an issue with Endpoints associated with Local Accounts being selected for import even though selected Domain Accounts had reached the limit for importing.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering Discovery Results and using the Select All check box selecting more than is currently selected.
  • Fixed an issue with Vault Discovery failing through a copied Jump Client if the original Jump Client was removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Eye icon on the Vault Checkout page being the wrong color when in Dark Mode.
Group Policies
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling through large numbers of Group Policies.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to drag a Group Policy to the end of the Group Policy list.
  • Fixed an issue with white space being shown on the page after upgrading an LDAP Provider to a Cluster when in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the download button not disabling after a Jump Client installer expiration date has passed.
  • Fixed an issue with logging in through the Rep Console or Web Rep Console using SAML with network restrictions enabled.
  • Renamed all instances of “Microsoft Azure AD” to “Microsoft Entra ID”.
  • Updated the Customer Client download instructions.


Rep Console
  • Fixed an issue with an error message saying that “Your session was not able to be resumed in the allotted amount of time” would be displayed sometimes when exiting the Rep Console.
  • Updated some of the error code messages displayed when testing the ICAP server.
  • Added the white center back to the black dot pointer that is displayed when the Rep doesn’t have screen sharing control of the endpoint.
  • Added “Last Accessed” to the Jump Item report generated in the Rep Console.
Web Rep Console
  • Web Rep Console now supports Confirmation windows.
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Rep Console not adhering to the “Elevated Access to Tools” when using the “Run As” Special Action.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jump Item not being selected after editing it.
  • Fixed an issue with canceling or changing a Jump Approval Request causing the status of the request not to update properly.
Jump Client
  • Fixed an issue with ending Jump Client sessions on Eval sites.
  • Fixed an issue with Vault not properly handling Jump Clients that have changed domains.
  • Fixed an issue with pushing sessions through a Jumpoint that is connected to an Azure AD Hybrid domain.
  • Fixed an issue with the Close button’s label being blank on the Vault Account Details window in the Rep Console after the window loses focus.
  • Fixed an issue with session termination not locking the desktop screen on some Linux systems.
  • Fixed an issue with some Linux Jumpoints going offline intermittently.
Mobile Devices
  • Fixed an issue with creating directories on an iOS mobile device running the Customer Client.

Known Issues:



  • Automatic Elevation Service is no longer available.
  • This release is certified for GA.
  • Supports upgrades from 22.2.2 RS+.
  • Supports ECM Protocol 1.6.
  • Includes VSC