Remote Support 21.1.1 Release Notes

January 21, 2021


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for physical BeyondTrust Appliances, virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • RS 21.1.1 requires Base software Base 6.0.1.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Portal Access by Team.
  • Jump Client based Account Management.
  • Headless Jump Client support on Raspberry Pi OS.
  • RS now supports macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Default first login option for native Rep Console.
  • Added a Test button to the Outbound Proxy configuration.
  • Added Full Screen and Multiple-Monitor support to RDP.
  • Added High DPI support to the Rep Console and Jumpoint Configuration.
  • We now display a Failed Login count and Lockouts for API accounts.
  • Virtual Smart Card now has extended APDU support.
  • Web Rep Console can now view and send Canned Messages.
  • Updated ChatBot API to allow create_virtual_customer to also return a Click-To-Chat URL.
  • Better multi-select support added to Discovery Results page.
  • Granular Clipboard permissions.
  • Vault Reporting Enhancements.
    • Vault Account activity may now be downloaded.
    • Added the System filter for use when searching Vault Reports.
    • Added the User, API Account, and System prefixes to the Performed by column.
    • We now display the Endpoint name beside the Account name in Vault Activity Reports.
    • The API can now be used to download Vault Activity Reports.
  • Added Credential Grouping.
  • Added Vault Link to Rep Console and Web Rep Console.
  • Added Personal Vault Accounts.
  • Added API account information to the Vault Report filter.
  • Added Elevated Tool Access Granularity.
  • Added more information icons to fields on the Vault > Discovery and Vault > Domain pages.
  • Changing the Search Term or Password Age Filter now also clears any selected Vault Accounts.
  • Added Copy Jump Items.
  • Configuration API additions:
    • Vault
      • Added account_group_id to the Vault Account Configuration APIs
      • DELETE Vault Account ID
      • PATCH Vault Account ID
    • Group Policy
      • POST Group Policy ID provision
    • Jumpoint
      • GET Jumpoint Node
      • GET Jumpoint Node <filter>

Important Information for This Release:

  • The 32-bit version of the Rep Console is planned for deprecation in 2021. When downloaded, it now displays a warning message that this installer will be removed in a future release.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported in /login.
  • Virtual Smart Card no longer supports Windows XP and Vista.

Due to changing industry standards, XP client support has been removed in 21.1. Customers who require client support for this operating system should remain on Remote Support version 20.1.3.

Issues Resolved:

Administrative Interface

  • Reporting:
    • Resolved an issue with some historical date/times shown with the wrong UTC time zone offset.
  • API:
    • Updated API version to 1.21.0.
  • Security Providers:
    • Resolved an issue with not being able to save SAML providers with the German language selected.
    • Resolved an issue with errors not being displayed if a synchronization fails.
  • Group Policies:
    • RS now displays a warning message when a group policy is about to be saved that would remove all of the Admins from a site.
    • Resolved an issue with Filter warning message not going away sometimes when filtering on the Group Policies page.
  • Vault:
    • Resolved an issue with the Vault tab being shown to non-Vault admins when overridden by a group policy.
  • Text Updates:
    • Added a missing colon to the Group Policy label when editing Teams.
    • Updated MSI Installer examples to include quotes around the KEY_INFO value.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Resolved an issue with an extra spinner showing when viewing the Security page in Safari.
    • Resolved an issue with the Proxy Configuration password field not behaving similarly to other password fields.
    • Resolved an issue with the Inter-Appliance Pre-Shared Key field not behaving similarly to other password fields.


  • Rep Console:
    • Resolved an issue with Jumping to Windows systems Assigned Access Mode (Kiosk) enabled.
    • Resolved an issue with being able to detach the Home tab.
    • Resolved an issue with CTRL key combos not working properly in VNC.
    • Resolved an issue with Session Details not being copied into the clipboard correctly.
  • Customer Client:
    • RS now disables the paper clip File Transfer button on the Customer Client when no Reps are able to receive the transferred file, such as Reps running on mobile devices or the Web Rep Console.
  • Web Rep Console:
    • Resolved an issue in which the link to open the native Rep Console did not work correctly.
    • Resolved an issue with authentication failing when using the Web Rep Console and a Credential Store to access a Linux Jumpoint.
  • Click-to-Chat:
    • Resolved an issue with click-to-chat Screen Sharing prompting.
  • Jumpoint:
    • 32-bit Jumpoints are no longer supported.
    • Resolved an issue with SSH not being upgraded properly when the Jumpoint upgrades.
  • Mac:
    • Rep Console on Macs now requires macOS 10.13 or greater.
    • Resolved an issue with the OK button sometimes not working while editing a Jump Item on Macs.
    • Resolved an issue with BRCS files not automatically logging in the Web Rep Console on Macs.
    • Resolved an issue with Num Lock not working correctly through screen sharing when the Rep Console is running on Macs.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Resolved an issue with directories sometimes being left behind on elevated Windows clients.
    • Resolved an issue with displaying Windows 10 versioning.