Remote Support 19.1.7 Release Notes

September 17, 2019


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for physical BeyondTrust Appliances, virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • This release requires Base software Base 5.4.0/5.5.0.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where entering an incorrect password during a local push would cause the Rep to start the process over again instead of just asking for another password
  • Resolved an issue with URL not redirecting to session recording if required to login again
  • Resolved issue where macOS updates through munki fail to install when an elevated Jump Client is installed
  • Resolved issue where key injection not passing through Linux Jump Client sessions when remote is non English
  • Resolved issue with directory navigation in Shell Jump
  • Resolved issue with remote shell stall on macOS