BT PM App & BT ePO Extension 24.2 MR Release Notes

May 2, 2024

This release notes document covers updates to Endpoint Privilege Management ePO Extension and BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management App (BT PM App).


  • BT PM App can only be installed on Windows machines.
  • ePO must be upgraded to use BT PM App 24.2.
  • The latest signed extension is required for this version of the App to function. You cannot log into older extensions due to the status enhancements that require functionality only available in the 23.10 signed extension.

New Features and Enhancements:

Nothing new to note.

Issues Resolved:

  • Updated the PMR db.exe installer with OLE DB Driver version 19.3.3 (a patch version that resolves a vulnerability). The OLE DB Driver is not bundled with the .msi installer. Install the patched prerequisite OLE DB Driver if installing the PMR database with the .msi.

Known Issues:


EPM Components

  • BeyondTrust Privilege Management App 24.2.14
    • Web Policy Editor 24.2.392
    • PMR UI: 24.2.112
    • Event Collector 24.2.16
  • PM Reporting Database 24.3.2