PowerBroker for Windows Release Notes

November 23, 2021


An issue has been identified with in-place upgrades from clients to To proceed with upgrading, first uninstall, and then install This issue will be resolved in a future release planned for early Q1 2022.

If you are not currently on, we recommend going directly to to ensure Windows 11 support. Otherwise, you can wait for the next release in early Q1 2022.

For more information about PowerBroker for Windows, please see PowerBroker for Windows Release Notes.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 2021H1 is now supported.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 2021H2 is now supported (Only tested with the Preview Build, because the RC build is not available yet).
  • Microsoft Windows 11 2021H2 is now supported.*


*Compatibility issues with Windows 11 have been identified since this release. In order to be fully supported on Windows 11 2021H2, we recommend upgrading to PowerBroker for Windows For more information, please see PowerBroker for Windows Release Notes.

Some apps in Windows 11, for example, Notepad, MS Paint, Photos, Calculator, etc., will require a new rule to be created, as their paths have changed in Windows 11. For more information, please see Windows 11: Notepad and MS Paint are getting new Fluent header.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which BTService was crashing while running a policy update, both in GPO and Central Policy(CP) environments, due to a conflict with McAfee DLP EndPoint Software.
  • A custom UserName Prompt Label on a User message with MFA config now displays correctly on the endpoint.
  • Resolved a few compatibility issues with Sophos Endpoint Protection.
  • Resolved issue in which a PowerBroker for Windows endpoint stops sending events to BeyondInsight because of corruption in the RCSXML file.