BeyondTrust Discovery Agent 22.2.2 Release Notes

October 10, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added domain users found in nested domain groups.
  • Added Sudo privilege indication to discovered users.
  • Added trace route results for each target.
  • Added the ability for target enumerations to run simultaneously to improve scan speed.
  • Added the ability to ignore user defined domain groups for group membership enumeration.
  • Added new scan metrics to allow for performance evaluation.
  • Updated scanner to .NET 6.
  • Added runtime option to not collect the last logged-in user.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue which could result in a stale connection to a Windows target could be left open.
  • Resolved issue with schedule task output, which was causing an exception in the case a task had multiple lines of output.
  • Resolved issue with extended Linux user definition, which caused an exception when the UID or GID was blank.
  • Resolved exception caused by getting the status of the VASD service on certain Linux targets.
  • Resolved exception caused by a null entry in the service list.
  • Resolved error in which the Cisco host name was not being returned.
  • Resolved error that was causing SSH ports defined in the scanning credential to be ignored.
  • Resolved issue causing NTLM authentication to an MSSQL database to fail.
  • Resolved issue in which scans were not completing due to Windows API calls not returning.
  • Resolved issue in which SSH authentication was using ECSD encryption.
  • Resolved authentication failure to Cisco devices when the target device was sending handshake packets out of order.
  • Resolved error condition in which no SUDO password was provided for SSH certificate authentication.
  • Resolved error condition in which Cisco enabled password prompt was missed.
  • Resolved issue in which, in some circumstances, on networks that were not configured to use encrypted SMB 3, sensitive information could transit the network unencrypted.

Known Issues:

  • The installation dialogs have string substitution errors.
  • Under certain circumstances, a scan of the local scanner can create a duplicate asset in BeyondInsight due to returning the local IP address instead of the host name.


  • Direct upgrades to this version are supported from all previous versions.
  • This release is available by download from the BeyondTrust Client Portal, at
  • The MD5 signature is: 3708dc2b846a32c87500d219dfbf8bd1
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 8b50184969e24811e7a4886ffb46c034b51f28f4
  • The SHA-256 signature is: 54598cfa2886b9eb816e7e1ee3eb7e589e8d18be880f911aca5c0ff42ef2ab9a