Privileged Remote Access Jumpoint Guide: Unattended Access to Computers in a Network

With BeyondTrust Jump Technology, a user can access and control remote, unattended computers in any network. Jump Technology is integral to the BeyondTrust software offerings.

Jumpoint Diagram

A Jumpoint acts as a conduit for unattended access to Windows and Linux computers on a known remote network. A single Jumpoint installed on a computer within a local area network is used to access multiple systems, eliminating the need to pre-install software on every computer you may need to access.

Within the local area network, the BeyondTrust user's computer can initiate a session to a Windows system directly without using a Jumpoint, if appropriate user permissions are enabled. A Jumpoint is needed only when the BeyondTrust user's computer cannot access the target computer directly.


If you would like to learn about Jump Items for mobile devices, view Use Jump Items to Access Endpoints from the Android Access Console for Android devices and Use Jump Items to Access Endpoints from the iOS Access Console for iOS devices.