Privileged Remote Access Virtual Appliance First Boot

First Boot

  1. In the virtual infrastructure client, browse to the VM folder you chose above, and locate the new entry for the virtual appliance. Right-click on this entry and then select Open Console. Then click the play button to start booting your BeyondTrust Virtual Appliance.


Virtual Appliance Initial Login

  1. After your BeyondTrust Virtual Appliance has finished booting, one or more IP addresses will be displayed.

    If you were unable to provide the Appliance License Key during deployment, press Enter to start basic configuration. Selection 1 on the next menu screen allows you to manually enter the Appliance License Key. Then exit back to the main screen.

  2. From a computer on the same network, open a web browser and browse to any of the IP addresses listed, followed by /appliance. If none of the IPs listed are accessible, see Privileged Remote Access Virtual Machine Console Administration to assign a usable IP address using the console interface. Otherwise, you are done with the VMware portion of the setup and can close the VMware console.