Information: View Privileged Remote Access Site Status and Software Details



Site Status

The main page of the BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access /login interface gives an overview of your B Series Appliance statistics. When contacting BeyondTrust Technical Support for software updates or troubleshooting purposes, you may be asked to email a screenshot of this page.

Restart Privileged Remote Access Software

You can restart the BeyondTrust software remotely. Restart your software only if instructed to do so by BeyondTrust Technical Support.

Time Zone

An administrator can select the appropriate time zone from a dropdown, setting the correct date and time of the B Series Appliance for the selected region.

Total Active Jump Clients Allowed

Review the total number of active Jump Clients that are allowed on your system. If you need more Jump Clients, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support.

Maximum Concurrent Users

Review the maximum number of concurrent users that are allowed on your system. If you need more users, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support.

Endpoint Licenses

View the number of endpoint licenses available on your BeyondTrust Appliance B Series. If you need more licenses, contact BeyondTrust Sales.

Endpoints Configured

View the number of endpoints currently configured on your system.

Download License Usage Report

Download a ZIP file containing detailed information (English only) on your BeyondTrust license usage. This file contains a list of all Jump Items (not counting uninstalled Jump Clients), daily counts for Jump Item operations and license usage, and a summary for the B Series Appliance and its endpoint license usage and churn.

Client Software

This is the hostname to which BeyondTrust client software connects. If the hostname attempted by the client software needs to change, notify BeyondTrust Technical Support of the needed changes so that Support can prepare a software update.

Connected Clients

View the number and type of BeyondTrust software clients that are connected to your B Series Appliance.

For more information about the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series, please see B Series Appliance Overview.

ECM Clients

View the number of BeyondTrust Endpoint Credential Managers (ECM) that are connected to your B Series Appliance. Also, view information about the location and connection time for each ECM, as well as the group it belongs to.

To ensure optimal up-time, administrators can install up to three ECMs on different Windows machines to communicate with the same credential store. A list of the ECMs connected to the appliance site can be found at /login > Status > Information > ECM Clients.

When ECMs are connected in a high availability configuration, the BeyondTrust Appliance B Seriesroutes requests to the ECM in the ECM Group that has been connected to the appliance the longest.

For more information, please see Log Into Endpoints Using Credential Injection.