Privileged Remote Access Appliance Overview

The BeyondTrust Appliance, whether physical or virtual, resides at your facility or data center, under your security measures. This deployment model offers more control over security, giving you a safe way to integrate privileged access and making it easy to export reporting data and videos for a complete audit trail.

Anatomy of the BeyondTrust Appliance

BeyondTrust B300P Remote Support Appliance

The BeyondTrust Appliance uses two administrative web interfaces to isolate hardware administration from user management, /appliance and /login.

Appliance Administration

Web Interface /appliance
Used for:

  • Installing and configuring hardware
  • Upgrading BeyondTrust software

The BeyondTrust Appliance Administration Guide

User Administration

Web Interface /login
Used for:

  • Managing users and workflows
  • Reporting on access activity
  • Creating and using integrations

The BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access Admin Interface