Privilege Management for Mac Rapid Deployment Tool

The Rapid Deployment Tool is designed to assist organizations in easily on-boarding an estate of macOS endpoints without the need for their IT, or other responsible departments, to manually configure each endpoint directly.

Deploy PKG files

The tool creates distributable packages which deploys configurations for Privilege Management for Mac. Optionally, packages can be created for Privilege Management Console and BeyondInsight platforms.

We recommend using an MDM, such as Jamf, to deploy the PKG files to endpoints.


The packages are not digitally signed. If you distribute PKG files to end users to run directly, then they should be aware the packages must be signed using their Apple development program certificate. If the package is run by an end user directly without being signed, they may be prevented from doing so by the OS.

Jamf Integration

You can connect to a Jamf instance to create a package record for the created settings package. A policy referencing that package can be pushed to endpoints.

You can also optionally automatically scope the newly created policy to an existing group in Jamf.