Create a Policy

Follow the instructions in this section if you are using the Privilege Management MMC Policy Editor.

After you establish communication between the Privilege Management Policy Editor and the BeyondInsight Server, you can create a policy.


Every time you create a policy, you must enter a valid Privilege Management license. For more information on policy creation and best practices, please see the Privilege Management for Windows Administration Guide.

Image of the Welcome page highlighting the New Policy option

  1. From the Welcome page, click New Policy.


Privilege Management for Windows BeyondInsight sign on dialog box

  1. Enter the credentials used to log in to your BeyondInsight instance.


Image of the Policy Name dialog box

  1. Type in a name for your policy, and then click OK.


Privilege Management No License warning

  1. Click Licensing.


Add Privilege Management License dialog box

  1. Enter a valid Privilege Management License code, and then click Add.


Image of the updated Welcome page with BeyondInsight information

The Welcome page updates to show more options, including:

  • Export Policy
  • Import Policy
  • Import Template
  • Digitally Sign
  • Save Report
  • Challenge / Response
  • BeyondInsight Policy
  • BeyondInsight Account


Upload Changes

Image of the Upload changes link in the Privilege Management website

After policy changes are complete, click Upload Changes on the Welcome page.

View the policy in BeyondInsight here: Menu > Configuration > Privilege Management Policies


Force Update Policy for End Users

End users can check and force a policy update to their computer from the system tray. Using this option reduces the time it takes to update a policy.

  1. In the system tray, click the Privilege Management icon.
  2. Click Check for Policy Update.

One of the following notifications can appear:

  • Update Finished to notify the user that a policy update has been applied.
  • No Updates Found if the current policy is already up to date.
  • Unable to Check for Updates if the computer cannot reach the management platform.