Use Smart Rules to Organize Assets

A Smart Rule is a filter that you can use to organize assets into Smart Groups. Use an asset-based Smart Rule to organize assets based on the filters selected.

  • The BeyondInsight user must be a member of the Administrators group or be assigned the Full Control permission on the Asset Management and the applicable Smart Rule Management feature(s) to be able to create and edit Smart Rules.
  • Users assigned Read Only permissions on these features may only view the details of Smart Rules.

When a non-administrator user creates a Smart Group, the Smart Group is automatically associated with:

  • Read permissions for all groups the user is a member of
  • Full Control permissions for all groups the user is a member of and has the Asset Management and Smart Rule Management permissions for

Use a Smart Rule to register assets as Smart Groups. This allows you to:

  • Run Discovery Scans
  • Monitor and view assets

Smart Rules update results automatically, ensuring assets match the criteria and are current.