Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows and Mac

Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting (PMR) Deprecation FAQ

September 2023

What is happening?

Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting (PMR), the original reporting functionality within Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows and Mac (PMWM), will be replaced by Analytics v2, the new and improved reporting functionality that has been rolled out and enhanced over the last 9 months, for existing customers as a part of PMWM cloud release 24.1.

Following this release, the only reporting functionality/user interface available in PMWM cloud will be Analytics v2. Release 24.1 is scheduled for launch in January 2024.

Timeline & what to expect

  • December 2022 (Release 22.10) – Analytics v2 Beta Launched: customers were first given access to the Analytics v2 beta, with new features introduced in each of the subsequent releases.
  • June 2023 (Release 23.5) – Beta label removed: Analytics v2 came out of beta as all major reporting use cases available in PMR were now available in Analytics v2. Feature updates continue with every release.
  • September 2023 - Announcement to customers: PMR deprecation is announced.
  • September 2023 to January 2024: Continued feature additions and enhancements with each release.
  • January 2024 (Release 24.1) - Existing customers move to Analytics v2: as a part of the 24.1 release, planned for late January 2024, existing customers with PMR will be moved over to Analytics v2, and the existing PMR UI will be removed from Endpoint Privilege Management.

Why are we doing this?

  • New approach to reporting to drive more customer value - Analytics v2 provides you with more intuitive insights about your users’ behavior and a streamlined path to turn those insights into actionable policy updates that keep your organization protected. In addition, it allows you to granularly define what analytics data each of your Endpoint Privilege Management users have access to at the computer group level, as well as many other innovative new features that weren’t possible in PMR.
  • User experience – Our ability to update and iterate the reporting user experience has been limited in PMR. In Analytics v2 we have introduced new capabilities that improve reporting usability and deliver more value to every customer, such as save/share reports, application-centric views, and trend information, with more to come.
  • Performance and scale – The backend technology that powers PMR does not offer the performance and event ingestion scale that many of our customers require. With Analytics v2 we move to a new Elastic-based backend, which provides greater scaling ability and performance.

What else is planned for Analytics v2 between now and 24.1?

  • The release notes and What’s New document for PMWM release 23.7 include an overview of the latest Analytics v2 updates
  • Beyond this, the following features/improvements are planned:
    • More user activity information available through the application details view (users & user reasons)
    • Improvements to saved views
    • Support for up to 5m events in CSV export
    • New Analytics v2 dashboard with summary reports/graphs
    • Shareable saved views
    • Default views available (pre-populated saved views)
    • Add to policy from application details view
    • Ongoing UI/UX improvements


  • Will this impact BeyondInsight, GPO, or ePO deployments of PMWM?

    • No, this change is for cloud deployments of PMWM only
  • Will this change result in any lost event data?

    • No, we already have event data parity between SQL, the backend technology that supports PMR, and Elastic, the backend technology for Analytics v2.
  • Are there any data points in PMR which will not be available in Analytics v2?
    • No, Analytics v2 is based on the same event structure and contains all of the same individual data points.
  • What are some of the key differences between PMR and Analytics v2?
    • Analytics v2 provides you with more intuitive insights about your user’s behavior and a streamlined path to turn those insights into actionable policy updates
    • It allows you to granularly define what analytics data each of your PMWM users have access to at the computer group level
    • You can view your user behavior data at the application level, instead of at the event level, allowing you to gather clearer insights about the applications that your users are trying to install or run across your organization
    • You can dive deep into the way a specific application is being used through the application details view
    • Add to Policy at Application/Version level allows for streamlined policy updates
    • Views within Analytics v2 can be customized by the customer and saved for easy future viewing
  • How can I use Analytics v2 to see the data that I’ve been using PMR to monitor?

  • I’m using the API to retrieve events, will this change?
    • No, the API is already built on top of the Elastic database, so your API calls will continue to work
  • How can I provide feedback on this?

    • Yes, you are able to submit feedback on this or any other element of PMWM to the Ideas Portal
    • You can also share any feedback with your TAM or CSM