User Request Configuration

Users generate requests when they attempt to access blocked applications from an endpoint through the Privilege Management Client. If configured correctly, PM Cloud transfers the requests to ServiceNow where the technician further manages the application.

For more information, please see ServiceNow User Request Integration.

Configure the user request message content, along with other policy rules and applications, in the PMC Web Policy Editor.

Access Policy Editor

  1. Log in to PMC and select Policies on the sidebar menu.
  2. Click a policy in the list, and then select Edit and Lock Policy.

For more information, please see Get Started With the Policy Editor.

Create User Request Rule

Create a new Application Rule in PM Cloud.

  1. Select Workstyles > (Workstyle Name) > Application Rules.
  2. Click Create New at the top of the Application Rules grid.
  3. Enter the new rule information in the available fields.
  4. Go to the Rule section and select the dropdown for the Action field. Choose Request.

If a message box has not already been created, you will need to create one before the Request option is available.

If you would like to prompt the group to request permission for all applications, select Any Application under the Target Application Group dropdown.


Create User Request Message

Create a new authentication message in PM Cloud.

In the Policy Editor, go to Messages > Create New Message. Configure the following settings:

  • Template
  • Name
  • Description
  • Message Window Title
  • Message Header Request
  • Message Body Request

For more information, please see Messages.

Once a message has been created, you can find further customization in Message Options. Click the vertical ellipsis beside the message that was created and select Edit to reveal additional options:

  • Title Text
  • Header Type
  • Header Background Type
  • Select Image
  • Header Request Text
  • Header Pending Text
  • Header Approved Text
  • Header Denied Text
  • Header Text Color
  • Body Request Text
  • Body Pending Text
  • Body Approved Text
  • Body Denied Text
  • Refer URL Text
  • Request Button Text


Click the vertical ellipsis to edit the message.