U-Series Appliance

Log in to U-Series Appliance via BeyondInsight Console

Permissioned users have the option to log in to the U-Series Appliance directly from the Asset grid in the BeyondInsight Console. This eliminates the need for organizations to share their BTAdmin account. This feature also leverages BeyondInsight user audits to audit which user is logged in to which appliance when the login is initiated from the BeyondInsight Asset grid.

Requires BeyondInsight 22.2, Discovery Scanner 22.2, and U-Series Management Software 3.5.


  • An API key exchange must be performed between the BeyondInsight Console appliance and the remote appliances.
    • SQL Free appliances that have already exchanged must be repeated.
  • The crypto key must be exchanged for the BeyondInsight database. Use one database for all your appliances.
  • A working DNS lookup for each appliance is required (no support for IP addresses).

For more information, please see the following:

Setup Non-Admin Users in BeyondInsight

Non-admin users must be given permissions to view and sign on to the U-Series Appliance. This is done with a permissioned SSO (Single Sign On) group.

Create Permissioned Group

  1. Log in to the BeyondInsight Console.
  2. Go to Configuration > Role Based Access > User Management > Groups and click Create New Group.
  3. Enter Group Name and Description and click Create Group. This opens the Group Details page.

Select Group Permissions

  1. In the left menu, click Features. Under Feature Name:
    • Select Management Console Access for access to the BI Console.
    • Select Asset Management to view appliances you have access to.
    • Select U-Series Appliance Login for permission to log in to the appliance.
  2. Click Assign Permissions, then select Assign Permissions Full Control.
  3. In the left menu, click Smart Groups. Select assets to assign to the group. U-Series Appliance must be selected.
  4. Click Assign Permissions, and then select Assign Permissions Full Control.

Assign SSO Users to Group

Select Group Permissions

  1. Go to Configuration > Role Based Access > User Management > Groups.
  2. Select the permissioned group.
  3. Click the ellipsis to the right of the goup, and then select Add Users to Group.
  4. Search for the user name, and then check the box beside the name to add them to the group.


Permissioned User Console View

Once users have been added to the permissioned group, they will see a reduced version of the BeyondInsight Console when they log in. When they click on Assets, they will be able to select the assets they've been permissioned under the Smart Group Filter.



Users can log into the U-Series Appliance in one of two ways:

Login to U-Series Appliance

  1. Select U-Series Appliance under the Smart Group filter.
  2. Click the ellipsis to the left of the asset, and then select Login to U-Series Appliance


  1. Select U-Series Appliance under the Smart Group filter.
  2. Select the asset.
  3. Click on the Login To U-Series Appliance button located above the grid.


For more information on creating a new user, please see Create and Manage User Accounts.

Users that are delegated U-Series Appliance login permission are authenticated into the appliance(s) with admin privileges.