Create the LikewiseEnterprise Database

You can create the database using the AD Bridge Enterprise installer or using SQL Server.

Use the Installer

To create the database using the installer:

  1. Run the install .exe.
  2. Click Accept on the license page, and then click Skip until you reach the Reporting Options page.
  3. Click Search Server to find existing SQL Server instances.
  4. Click Connect.

An image of the AD Bridge Setup > Reporting Options page configuration.

  1. Click Create Database. The database script runs.

  1. Click OK, and then click Finish to close the installer.

Use SQL Server

In earlier versions of AD Bridge, BeyondTrust provided certain files on the ISO image. In AD Bridge version 10.0 and later, an ISO image is no longer created. If you were using a file that was on the ISO, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support.

To create the AD Bridge Enterprise Reporting Database using SQL Server:

  1. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database engine.
  2. Create a database named LikewiseEnterprise.
  3. Copy the SQL Server database creation script to a location accessible from SQL Server:
  4. CreateLikewiseEnterpriseDatabase.sql
  5. In SQL Server Management Studio, on the File menu, click Open and load the AD Bridge Enterprise database creation script:
  6. CreateLikewiseEnterpriseDatabase.sql
  1. Connect to the LikewiseEnterprise database, and run the script. If the script executes with errors, run the script again.