Install the AD Bridge Agent

The following sections provide details on installing the AD Bridge agent to your computers.

Install the Correct Version for the Operating System

Install the AD Bridge agent, the identity service that authenticates users, on each Linux or Unix computer that you want to connect to Active Directory.


Before installing the agent, we recommend that you upgrade your system with the latest security patches. see Install Requirements for the AD Bridge Agent.

The procedure for installing the agent depends on the operating system of the target computer or virtual machine.

Check the Linux Kernel Release Number

To run the AD Bridge agent on a Linux machine, the kernel release number must be 2.6 or later.

To determine the release number of the kernel, run the following command:

uname -r

Downgrade AD Bridge Agent to Earlier Version

Before downgrading to an earlier AD Bridge version, a domain leave and uninstall purge are required to ensure configuration settings not supported by previous releases are removed. Otherwise, the previous release may not work properly.

For more information, see Leave a Domain and Uninstall the AD Bridge Agent.