Leave a Domain and Uninstall the AD Bridge Agent

You can remove a computer from a domain without necessarily disabling or deleting the computer's account in Active Directory. If needed, you can uninstall the AD Bridge agent from a client computer.

Leave a Domain

Uninstall the Agent on a Linux or Unix Computer

You can uninstall AD Bridge by using a shell script or by using a command.

Use a Shell Script to Uninstall


Before uninstalling the agent, you must leave the domain. Then execute the uninstall command from a directory other than pbis so that the uninstall program can delete the pbis directory and all its subdirectories. For example, execute the command from the root directory.

If you installed the agent on a Linux or Unix computer by using the shell script, you can uninstall the AD Bridge agent from the command line by using the same shell script with the uninstall option.

To uninstall the agent, you must use the shell script with the same version and build number that you used to install it. For example, on a Linux computer running  glibc, change directories to the location of AD Bridge and then run the following command as root, replacing the name of the script with the version you installed:

./adbridge-##.#.#.###.linux.x86_64.rpm.sh uninstall

For information about the script's options and commands, execute the following command:

./adbridge-##.#.#.###.linux.x86_64.rpm.sh help

Use a Command to Uninstall

To uninstall AD Bridge by using a command, run the following command:

/opt/pbis/bin/uninstall.sh uninstall

Using the command to uninstall, as above, leaves the AD Bridge configuration files in place on the operating system (OS).

To completely remove all files related to AD Bridge from your computer, run the command as follows instead. If using this command and option, you do not need to leave the domain before uninstalling.

/opt/pbis/bin/uninstall.sh purge

Uninstall the Console on a Windows Computer

To uninstall AD Bridge on a Windows commputer:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the BeyondTrustAD Bridge Enterprise.
  4. At the top of the list, click Uninstall (or right-click and select Uninstall) and follow the directions on the screen.

This will not remove any Default or Named cells that are created.