New Feature Highlights - BeyondSaaS 3.1

Internal Scanning Improves Coverage

Originally introduced as an external/perimeter scanner, with BeyondSaaS 3.1 customers can now scan their internal networks as well. With BeyondSaaS 3.1 organizations can deploy one or multiple scanners inside their perimeter, and centrally manage them from the cloud. Available for an additional fee, all customers need to do to begin is download the BeyondSaaS Remote Agent from their BeyondSaaS instance and execute this small agent on an internal system. This agent will download, install, and manage the scanner’s connection with your BeyondSaaS instance. BeyondSaaS internal and external scanning technology is based on the award-winning Retina Network Security Scanner. By leveraging BeyondSaaS for internal scanning, customers can now easily manage multiple scanners from one easily accessible location, the cloud - BeyondSaaS. Gone are the days of having to remotely connect to distributed scanners to perform vulnerability assessments or PCI scans. Now both internal and external facing assets are easily managed via a single interface. With this new addition, BeyondSaaS now offers complete coverage for both internal and external assessments as well as comprehensive external Web Application scanning.

Flexible Reporting for Perimeter/Internal Scanning

BeyondSaaS version 3.1 now automatically generates and makes available all reports upon scan completion. With this enhancement, customers are no longer tied to the report they initially wanted to generate as part of the scan process; while customers can still select a primary report to be auto generated and emailed after the scan completes, now they have the option to select any completed scan jobs and browse through all other available reports for viewing within the BeyondSaaS user interface or download all reports as a .zip file. For a representation of this new capability, please see the screenshot below. BeyondSaaS 3.1 This new capability helps security teams get the data they need to make better decisions, faster.

New Asset View/Grid

BeyondSaaS 3.1 introduces a new Assets View. This view dynamically populates as assets are scanned, and displays important information such as the asset attributes of asset name, operating system, IP address as well as a summary of detected vulnerabilities broken down by severity. This new asset grid supports drill down capabilities so that customers can click into any asset to see more information such as an asset’s vulnerability, description and fix information. For a representation of this new capability, please see the screenshot below. This enhancement gives the user an interactive method to review scan results and to reduce the need to open and review static reports. View the new features video.