Manage Metadata

Before starting this section, ensure you have initialized, unsealed, and logged into DevOps Secrets Safe as root.

Metadata is currently supported for secret and scope resource types.

  1. Create metadata for a secret:
    ssrun metadata create -n mytestsecret1Meta1Name -v meta1Value secret/path/to/my/secrets:mytestsecret1

When managing metadata, to reference a scope, set the URI to its path. For example, path/of/scope. To reference a secret, use {path}:{secretName}. For example, path/of/scope:secretName.

  1. Update metadata for a secret:
    ssrun metadata update -n mytestsecret1Meta1Name -v updatedMeta1Value secret/path/to/my/secrets:mytestsecret1
  2. View metadata for a secret:
    ssrun metadata get -n mytestsecret1Meta1Name secret/path/to/my/secrets:mytestsecret1

The above command retrieves only the information associated with the metadata item named mytestsecret1Meta1Name. To retrieve the information for all metadata items associated with a scope or secret, omit the -n argument.

  1. Remove metadata:
    ssrun metadata delete -n mytestsecret1Meta1Name secret/path/to/my/secrets:mytestsecret1