Localized Strings in Syslog Messages

Another note concerns fields that refer to text in a specific language. When an event containing one of these fields is triggered, the resulting value is a localized string. When a localized string field is returned, the field name will change to include the value’s language.

For example, the label field of an exit survey question event returns a localized string. If a question’s label is changed, the resulting message would appear in the following format:

Oct 12 14:53:24 example_host BG: 1234:01:02:site=support.example.com;…<data truncated>…event=cust_exit_survey_question_changed;old_label:en-us=Questions;old_label:es=Preguntas;new_label:en-us=Comments;new_label:es=Comentarios

Note that even if your B Series Appliance does not have multiple languages installed, all applicable messages will be formatted as localized strings.