SNMP User Configuration Settings

Appropriately credentialed users configure SNMP from the /appliance interface. To enable SNMP for your appliance, go to /appliance > Networking > SNMP. You can find your model’s appliance manual at

Networking > SNMP
Configuring SNMP in the /appliance Interface

Check the box beside Enable SNMPv2.

Enabling SNMPv2 allows the Secure Remote Access Appliance to be available for SNMP queries.

Next, enter a Read-Only Community Name value, a System Location value, and IP Restrictions in the corresponding free text fields.

IP Restrictions are those IP addresses permitted to query your appliance using SNMP.

If you enter NO IP addresses in the field for IP Restrictions, you will grant access to ALL hosts.

Appliance Configuration Fields
Field Explanation
Enable SNMPv2 Select (check) to prepare the appliance availability for queries.
Read-Only Community Name The community name to which the SNMPv2 Server should respond.
System Location The location of this Secure Remote Access Appliance for the SNMP MIB.
IP Restrictions The list of IP addresses allowed to access SNMP on this appliance.