Integrate BeyondTrust Remote Support and Ping DaVinci Connector


BeyondTrust has partnered with Ping Identity to deliver a Remote Support (RS) connector leveraging the PingOne DaVinci no-code orchestration service. An orchestration platform integrates multiple applications and services to automate a process or provide real-time data synchronization and flow.

PingOne DaVinci is a cloud orchestration service for creating user journeys across various applications via a drag-and-drop interface. DaVinci is an open interface with integrations and connections across multiple applications and identity ecosystems. You can start by building and designing your own workflows or refine one of the existing workflow templates to customize your user journeys. Optimize your flows easily with A/B testing and deploy changes in quick succession.

Possible Use Cases

The BeyondTrust RS/PingOne DaVinci connector gives an organization the ability to terminate all RS sessions on a host (by hostname) and/or terminate all RS sessions that a particular identity (by username) might have across the environment.

These use cases provide examples of how the BeyondTrust RS connector can be used:

  • A security incident has occurred on one or more host, requiring the termination of any RS sessions by any user on those affected hosts. The security incident can be discovered by any XDR or SOAR system that also has a DaVinci connector capable of supplying the RS connector with a hostname of the affected system.
  • Regular IT tasks of user moves, changes, or deletions might require any open RS sessions in use by an identity across the infrastructure to be terminated. A DaVinci connector from any iDP that can provide the RS connector with an identity (username) can be used as part of the workflow to terminate any open RS sessions. The hostname and/or identity can also be provided to the connector though a static HTML form.

The BeyondTrust integration with DaVinci can terminate multiple user connections.

  • The RS connector provides a result, error, or success, which can be sent to a ticketing system as part of the DaVinci workflow, using any available third-party ITSM connector.  


The following are required to use the Remote Support connector:

  • A PingOne SaaS instance.
  • PingOne DaVinci added as a service to the PingOne SaaS instance.
  • A supported version of BeyondTrust Remote Support. To confirm your version is supported, contact support or refer to the BeyondTrust End of Life Policy.

API Account

Using the the RS connector in PingOne DaVinci requires an API account in RS, with the Command API permission set to full access. This must be created if it does not already exist.

The OAuth Client ID and the OAuth Client Secret for this API account are required to install the integration.

For more information, please see Add or Edit an API Account.