BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


You must purchase this integration separately from both your BeyondTrust software and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust sales.

Service desks and customer support organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate with BeyondTrust to improve service levels, centralize support processes, and strengthen compliance. This document describes the installation and configuration of the BeyondTrust Remote Support integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with BeyondTrust Remote Support provides the following functionality:

  • A BeyondTrust session key can be generated from within a Microsoft Dynamics CRM case.
  • When the BeyondTrust session ends, session data can be pushed into the case and viewed from within the case.

The integration consists of two main parts:

  • Middleware which receives event notifications from the Secure Remote Access Appliance and pushes data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Two Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions which provide customization to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface.