Use Cases

Generate Session Key

Support staff can generate a session key that can be given to the end user over the phone or via email to initiate a support session that is automatically associated with the selected issue.

If, during configuration, Use Web Rep Console for Session Key and Jump To was enabled, generating the key opens the Web Rep Consolein a new tab.

JIRA warning note stating link opens the Web Representative Console in a new tab.

If this option was not enabled, generating the key downloads a BRCS file and requires the Representative Console to be installed on the machine launching the URL.

JIRA warning note stating downloads a BRCS file and that the Representative Console must be installed on the machine launching the URL.

Import BeyondTrust Session Data into an Issue

Once the support session ends, the issue is automatically updated with information gathered during the session. The following information is posted as an internal note to the issue:

  • Summary
  • Customer
  • Rep(s)
  • Chat
  • File Transfers
  • Session Notes
  • Recording Links
  • Exit Surveys (Customer and Rep)

Access an Issue from the Representative Console

Using BeyondTrust's custom links ability, a representative can access an associated issue directly from within the representative console. This saves time when searching for the issue in Service Desk and provides the rep with any issue details, history, or other context needed to help quickly resolve the issue.

Auto-Issue Creation

For previously unreported issues or questions, the end user can submit a simple issue description to immediately begin a support session. Meanwhile, the integration takes the submitted information from the session and creates a new Service Desk issue. This saves time and unnecessary steps for the end user and support staff.

Auto-Issue State Transition

Based on a specific customer or representative exit survey response, the integration can transition the issue to a specific state. For instance, if the rep survey contains a question asking whether the issue was resolved as part of the Remote Support session, when the representative responds appropriately, the issue can be closed.