BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration with Ivanti Service Manager


You must purchase this integration separately for both your Remote Support software and your Ivanti Service Manager solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust's Sales team.

Support and IT organizations using Ivanti Service Manager can integrate with BeyondTrust Remote Support to improve service levels, centralize support processes, and strengthen compliance. This document describes the installation and configuration of the BeyondTrust Remote Support integration with Ivanti.

The integration between Ivanti and BeyondTrust Remote Support enables service desk technicians to launch a secure remote support session directly from within Ivanti.

The Ivanti integration with BeyondTrust Remote Support provides the following functionality:

  • A self-service user can start a BeyondTrust click-to-chat session directly from an incident within Ivanti.
  • A representative can generate a session key directly from an incident, change, or service request.
  • Details of all BeyondTrust sessions initiated from an incident, change, or service request context are linked to the associated item and are viewable as a list as well as in a detailed view on each item type.
  • While in a BeyondTrust session linked to a Ivanti item, a custom link in the BeyondTrust representative console allows a representative to launch a browser window directly to the Ivanti item in order to view additional information.
  • A BeyondTrust Jump session can be initiated to access a configuration item from an incident, with the Jump session details being linked to the incident.
  • If a session originates outside the normal Ivanti workflow, with a ticket for the incident already existing in Ivanti, the representative can manually link the session to the Ivanti ticket to ensure all details are captured in the Ivanti system.
  • With assistance from BeyondTrust Professional Services, the integration can automatically generate incidents in Ivanti when a session is received, thus saving a number of steps for the support representative.