BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration with HaloPSA or HaloITSM

BeyondTrust Remote Support enables you to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world. Support professionals can work on multiple systems simultaneously, chat with multiple end-users at once, and work with other reps in the same session to fix problems faster.

With the BeyondTrust Remote Support / HaloPSA or HaloITSM integration, users can streamline support and improve performance. End users are able to initiate Remote Support via the self-service portal for quick resolutions. Support technicians are able to launch a secure remote support session from a ticket to immediately start resolving issues. This enables an increase in first call resolution rates, shortens ticket response times and negates the need for on-site visits.

BeyondTrust Remote Support / HaloPSA Benefits

  • Automatic updates to the ticket to provide detailed analysis and visibility.
  • Support technicians can remotely support multi-platforms such as laptops, desktops, POS systems, kiosks and more.
  • Secure remote support from any browser with no downloads required.
  • Track performance and log session activity for security, compliance and training.
  • Choose from on-premise and cloud deployment.

Use Case


An employee isn’t receiving any emails and thinks his Outlook has stopped working. He tries to resolve this himself however the Knowledge Base articles can’t help him. Therefore, he raises a ticket in HaloPSA so someone from the support team can help him.


The ticket is picked up by the support team. They run initial checks but can’t see what the problem is and realize they need to access the employees computer. With the Remote Support / Autotask, The support team can start a remote session from within HaloPSA. They let the employee know and click on the link within the ticket. They can then easily solve the issue remotely and the employee's emails work again.

Integration Overview

This guides provides details of the following steps to create and use the integration:

  • Review Prerequisites
  • Create Client ID and Client Secret in Remote Support.
  • Configure Remote Support in HaloPSA or HaloITSM.
  • Add HaloPSA or HaloITSM Webhook to Remote Support
  • Using the HaloPSA or HaloITSM with Remote Support.

This guide refers to HaloPSA, but the instructions also apply to HaloITSM.

Should you need any assistance, please log into the Customer Portal to chat with Support.


A supported version of BeyondTrustRemote Support is required. To confirm your version is supported, contact support or refer to the BeyondTrust End of Life Policy.

Halo Requirements

Application Minimum Version
Halo Service Desk v2.06
HaloITSM v2.06
HaloPSA v2.06
HaloCRM v2.06
NHServer v12.78.38