Remote Support API Programmer's Guide

Version 1.22.2 (for BeyondTrust 23.2.x)

Front-end integration of the BeyondTrust API enables customers to correlate BeyondTrust support sessions with third-party or in-house developed applications to pull report data, issue commands, or automatically save a backup of the B Series Appliance's software configuration on a recurring basis.

One common example of API integration would be linking a help desk ticketing system to BeyondTrust sessions to track issue resolution.

You could also add a feature to an application to enable the representative to generate a session from directly within that program instead of the BeyondTrust representative console.

Screenshot of the Management > API Configuration Options in Remote Support /login.

To use the BeyondTrust API, ensure that the Enable XML API option is checked on the Management > API Configuration page of the /login administrative interface.

For the examples in the following pages, a sample URL of is used. Please replace this URL with your B Series Appliance’s public site URL.


The command and reporting APIs return XML responses that declare a namespace. If you are parsing these responses with a namespace-aware parser, you will need to set the namespace appropriately or ignore the namespace while parsing the XML.

  • Reporting API:
  • Command API:

The above namespaces are returned XML data and are not functional URLs.