API Command: get_appliances

The get_appliances command returns XML data containing all configured B Series Appliances in a failover relationship or cluster.

The command API is an authenticated API. For instructions on using authenticated APIs using OAuth, see Authenticate to the Remote Support API. The API account must have read-only or full access to the command API.

XML Response for get_appliances

<appliances> Contains an <appliance> element for each connected B Series Appliance. If an error occurs, it will contain an <error> element describing the problem.

Element Names and Attributes

id (attribute) The B Series Appliance's GUID.

The name of the B Series Appliance.


The public hostname of the B Series Appliance.

<cluster_role> The role the B Series Appliance plays in a cluster. Can be one of single (if not part of a cluster), primary, or traffic.
<failover_role> The role the B Series Appliance plays in a failover relationship. Can be one of none (if failover is not configured), primary, or backup.
<accepting_connections> Integer value (1 or 0) indicating if this B Series Appliance accepts new client connections. If not part of a cluster, this will always be 1.
<timezone_offset> The number of seconds away from UTC.

Query Example: get_appliances