API Script Command: start_shell_jump_session

The start_shell_jump_session command initiates a Shell Jump session, creating an SSH or Telnet connection to a remote network device.

Required Parameter for the start_shell_jump_session Command

target=[string] The hostname or IP address of the machine targeted for a Shell Jump session.

Optional Parameters for the start_shell_jump_session Command


The Jumpoint through which to start the Shell Jump session. This Jumpoint must be on the same subnet as the target computer.

If not specified and the user has access to only one Jumpoint, then that Jumpoint is used automatically. If not specified and the user has access to more than one Jumpoint, then a dialog will open from which the user must select a Jumpoint.

username=[string] The username to use when authenticating. If not specified, the representative must enter the username.
protocol=[string] The network protocol to use. May be one of ssh (default) or telnet.
port=[integer] The port number on which to connect. Defaults to 22.
terminal The terminal type to use. May be one of xterm (default) or vt100.
session.custom.[custom field]=[string]

The code name and value of any custom fields. These fields must first be configured in /login > Management > API Configuration.

Each attribute must be specified as a different parameter. Each custom field has a maximum length of 1024 characters. The maximum total size of all combined custom fields, including the external key, must be limited to 10KB.

Query Examples: start_shell_jump_session

Start a Shell Jump session with the computer "ABCDEF02"


Start a Shell Jump session with the computer "ABCDEF02" through the Jumpoint "Network01"


Start a Shell Jump session with the computer "ABCDEF02" through the Jumpoint "Network01". Authenticate with "jsmith", and use a Telnet protocol through port 40 with terminal type vt100


Start a Shell Jump session with the computer "ABCDEF02" and associate custom attributes with the session