Optional Considerations when Setting Up Multiple B Series Appliances in Atlas Clusters

Public vs Internal Hostnames

You may optionally configure different hostnames for public traffic and private traffic per cluster node. This means you need two different hostnames for each node in the cluster, one for the Public Address and one for the Internal Address. All client connections (e.g. representative console, customer client, etc.) use the public address. All appliance-to-appliance communications (e.g. cluster data syncs) use the internal address. This is useful if you want to keep traffic among B Series Appliances on a different network route than session traffic.

Network Address Prefixes

If you plan to use the Network Address Prefixes on the /login > Management > Cluster > Traffic Nodes page, then you must define the networks that this traffic node will serve.

Please see Configure the Traffic Nodes in an Atlas Cluster for more information.