Access the Command Shell on the Remote System through the Web Rep Console

Remote command shell enables a privileged representative to open a virtual command line interface to the remote computer. The user can then type locally but have the commands executed on the remote computer. You can work from multiple shells.

Your administrator can also enable remote shell recording so that a video of each shell can be later viewed from the session report. If shell recording is enabled, a transcript of the command shell will also be available.

Command Shell dropdown


To access the command shell while in an support session, click on the dropdown in the top left corner of the screen and select the Command Shell option.

After the Command Shell option is chosen, the command options and prompt will appear.

Command Shell Tools

The icon allowing you to start command shell. The icon allowing you to stop a command shell session.

Start or stop command prompt access.


The icon allowing you to open another command shell session.

Open a new shell to run multiple instances of command prompt. Shells are tabulated at the top of the screen.

Command Shell