Show My Screen to the Customer

A privileged representative can share their screen with a customer at any time, aiding effectiveness of support sessions or training.

Rep Console Show My Screen

Privileged representatives begin support sessions with Screen Sharing or Show My Screen options immediately available. If you are screen sharing, you must stop screen sharing if you wish to begin a Show My Screen session.


Show my Screen Preview

The representative console displays a preview of what your customer's viewing experience will be when you make the session live. When you share your screen with your customer during a support session, your customer will be able to see either your entire desktop or only those applications you have chosen to present. You may also choose whether to share new windows automatically. Show or hide the application selector by clicking the arrow at the top of the Show My Screen window.


Show my Screen Live

Click the Present Your Screen to the Customer icon at the top left of the window to begin your live Show My Screen session. You can continue chatting with your customer throughout the session.

Show My Screen activity is recorded for reporting purposes if so configured in /login > Configuration > Options. The recording is not available to your customer on the post-session landing page.


Show My Screen Tools

Show My Screen

Stop Screen Sharing

Show your entire screen or selected applications to the remote user, or stop showing your screen.



While showing your screen, request or stop your customer's control of your keyboard and mouse, as when you are training a customer.

The Linux customer client does not support control of the representative's screen.


Select Display

Select the display monitor for your Show My Screen session. The primary monitor will be designated by a P.