View Support Sessions in Queue


Session queues provide information about and access to customers who are waiting for support. The Personal queue contains customers with whom you are currently in session or who are waiting for a session with you specifically. A waiting session appears in your personal queue if it was transferred to you, or if the customer initiated it by entering a session key you generated, by selecting your name from the public site, or by clicking a Support Button tied to you. This queue also contains invitations for you to join a shared session.

You also have queues for any teams of which you are a member. If a customer initiates a session by selecting an issue type from an issue submission form, that customer enters a specific team queue based on which team owns that issue. A customer also enters a team queue if they click a Support Button tied to a team. A session may also enter a queue if it is transferred intentionally or due to waiting session rules, or if the representative's connection is lost in the middle of a session. These queues also contain invitations for any representative in the team to join a shared session.

Click the star to the left of a team name to mark that queue as a favorite. If a team chat message is sent, an orange chat bubble appears in place of the star.

Customers can also request assistance directly from a web page which contains a help link. This initiates a browser sharing session, which allows a representative to chat and view the customer's web page. Administrators can generate custom links in order to direct browser sessions to the correct representative or team queue. In the queue, browser sharing sessions are identified by the [Browser] prefix next to the customer's name.

Sort your queues by several criteria, including the length of time the customer has been in queue, the customer’s name, issue category, etc. All criteria may not be available depending on the manner in which the customer initiated the session. You can also search for an active session. Click on an item in queue to view its details. Click it again to close the details pane. The representative console remembers the column order and the sort order of the session queue the next time the representative console is launched.

Once the customer is in queue, either double-click the customer entry or select the entry and click the Accept button. Accepting a session opens a new tab for that session at the top of the representative console. You can run multiple sessions simultaneously. A new tab will be created for each session.

For additional ways to accept support requests, please see Accept a Session to Start Support.

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