Invite an External Representative to Join a Session from the iOS Rep Console

Session Actions - iPhone Member Actions - iPhone

Alternatively, you can share a session with a representative who does not have an account on your B Series Appliance. To invite an external representative to join a session one time only, tap the Member Actions button. On an iPhone, access this button by tapping the Menu button first.

Member Actions

From the menu, select Share Session.

Share Session


Share Session Invite External Representatives

Tap Invite External Representative.

A menu will open, allowing you to customize the invitation and create a representative session key.


Security Profiles - iPhone Invite External Representatives

Tap Security Profile to access a list of available representative profiles. These profiles are created in the administrative interface and determine the level of permission the external representative will have. When you select a profile, the list will close, and the full description will display beneath the selected profile.

Enter the representative’s name. This name will appear to the customer and in reports.


Add Rep Invite Comments Invite External Representatives

Next, tap Comments to enter details about why this representative has been invited.

When finished, tap Create Key.


Rep Invite Session Key Select Public Portal for Rep Invite

A menu containing the session key and direct URL will appear.

To select the public site through which the external representative should connect, tap Public Portal.


Email Rep Invite Session Key

For the external representative to join the session, they will need to submit the session key on your public site or go to the direct URL.You can copy and paste the session key or the URL, or you can email the URL.

The external representative must download and run the representative console; this installation is an abbreviated process of the full representative console installation.

An invited representative has access only to the session tab and has a limited set of privileges. They can never be the session owner. If the primary representative leaves the session and no other licensed representatives are participating, the external representative is automatically logged out.

You can invite more than one external representative to a support session. Be aware that each external representative does allocate a BeyondTrust license.