Change Settings and Preferences in the Android Rep Console

Change Preferences During a Session


To manage your preferences, touch the Options button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Options Icon

From the menu, the following preferences are available:

  • Paste Clipboard: allows you to paste items to the clipboard on your computer.
  • Performance: allows you to change the screen-sharing quality.
  • Displays: allows you to select the monitor you want to display to the customer.
  • Reboot: allows you to reboot the system that you are supporting.
  • Gesture Help: walks you through tips for navigating the mobile representative console.


Change Your General and Screen-Sharing Settings

Settings Menu Option

To manage your settings, tap Settings from the menu.



The Play Sound Effects setting allows you to play audible alerts for certain events that occur within the representative console.

If you have permission to opt out of session assignments, you may enable or disable auto assignment. Auto assignment is used with Equilibrium to route a session to the representative best qualified to handle the issue. For more information about Equilibrium and session assignment, please see Equilibrium for Automatic Session Routing.

If automatic session assignment is disabled on login, then you are not assigned sessions automatically until you choose to opt in.

To prevent your screen from dimming during screen sharing, check Keep screen awake.

If Scale pointer movement is checked, the remote cursor matches your finger movement on the screen. If unchecked, the cursor may lag, but its position will be more accurate.

With Swap scroll and pan gestures, set which two gestures should scroll the remote mouse wheel and which should pan the screen.