Open the Command Shell on a Remote Endpoint Using the Android Representative Console


Remote command shell enables reps to open a virtual command line interface on remote systems. Users can then type locally but have the commands executed on the remote system. You can work from multiple shells.

Your administrator can also enable remote shell recording so that a video of each shell instance can be viewed from the session report. If shell recording is enabled, a transcript of the command shell is also available.

Additional keyboard commands and characters are available above the standard keyboard. The set of additional keys at the top right can be swiped left and right to reveal more options.

If multiple command shells are open, you can swipe the shell screen left and right to switch between the open shells. The name of the current shell is displayed in the lower left corner of the shell screen.

Command Shell Tools

Add icon Open a new shell to run multiple instances of command prompt.
Remove icon Close the current command shell. Other open command shells will continue to run.
Keyboard icon Access the keyboard to type commands in the command shell.
Full screen icon View the command shell in full screen mode.
Menu icon Tap the menu icon to access Keyboard and Fullscreen options. The Shell Sessions option is visible if more than one shell session is in progress. Tap Shell Sessions, then the shell session you wish to access.