Basics: View Appliance Details

The tab header at the top of the /appliance screen highlighting the Status and Basics tabs.

Appliance Statistics

The Basics page gives you information about your Secure Remote Access Appliance and allows you to monitor your system. You can also set your local time to any valid global time zone. The system time is displayed in UTC by default.


Default Site

In nearly all scenarios, this setting can be left unchanged. BeyondTrust discourages multiple sites on one appliance. However, if your setup requires more than one site responding to one IP address, select a default site to respond should someone enter the IP address directly rather than the domain name. If more than one DNS entry directs to this IP address and you select No Default, an error message appears if someone tries to access your site by entering the IP address.


Reboot | Shut Down

From this page, you can also reboot or shut down your Secure Remote Access Appliance. Although rebooting your appliance is not required, you may want to make a monthly reboot part of your regular maintenance. You do not need physical access to the appliance in order to perform this reboot.

Reset Appliance to Factory Defaults

Please do not do the following unless instructed to do so by BeyondTrust Technical Support: Clicking the Reset Appliance to Factory Defaults button reverts your Secure Remote Access Appliance to its factory state. This completely removes all data, configuration settings, sites, and certificates from your appliance. Once the appliance is reset, it also powers itself off.